Anita Baran Sykes

Yoga,  QiGong,  Reiki,  Bodywork,  Wellness

BE willing, BE committed, BE open, BE curious, BE adventurous, BE brave…BE Divine.

I am your wellness muse, here to empower you on how to create time for YOU. I show you how to incorporate wholeness and balance into YOUR life, with patience and grace while having fun. The goal is to guide you along on your wellness path during times when you might be recovering from injuries, trauma, cancer treatment or simple preventative care, one breath at a time.

Without exception, we have to learn how to take care of ourselves before we can even begin to effectively take care of others, ie, “fill your cup”, “put the oxygen mask on YOU first”…and so on, and also maintaining a level of joy and love towards yourself. Be willing to let go, have fun and start creating space for YOU.  Yes, this is an on-going practice that requires  patience towards yourself and most important…scheduling time for YOU. This is a safe space for practical movement and wellness services that are catered for YOU.

Becoming a certified yoga teacher and wellness practitioner has been a life-changing experience for me and continues to be an ongoing journey of growth and exploration.  We work together on how to best incorporate simple yet powerful movement modalities into your life and create a customized protocol that is right for you.

I teach private groups, see my on-going “Pamper Your Soul” classes and experiences to get inspired for a private group you may want to host or join one of my scheduled classes.  My Pamper Your Soul series of classes integrate restorative yin yoga, reiki, aromatherapy and guided relaxation to provide a space to breathe and unwind…a mini retreat for the mind, body and soul.  Pamper Your Soul has evolved into outdoor experiences and weekend retreats.