Yoga is about creating new spaces for yourself that contain unseen possibilities for elevating the quality of your life.

Yoga empowers and “checks” me.  It reminds me to live in the moment and live through daily situations with ease and patience.  Every day, whether I’m teaching or being a student, is a journey of exploration that has turned into a lifestyle for me, one I love to share with my community, family and friends.

My Yoga Story.

Yoga found me at a time when I was doing hard-core outdoor recreating, cardio mixed with adrenaline was my fitness regimen; alpine, telemark and back-country downhill  skiing, mountain biking, kayaking and running.  Over a period of 10 plus years of  literally thrashing my body, as much fun as it was, it started to took a tole on me.  Yoga saved my body, by introducing me to the true meaning of flexibility, balance and stamina, I was completely humbled. After just 2 classes I noticed a huge difference in how I felt physically and mentally. My muscles started to lengthen and stretch, I was stronger in all of my other activities and my focus was better, it felt good, and best of all my aches and pains diminished!  I was hooked!  During that time my practice was primarily Power, Hatha, and Hot Yoga, on occasion I would add in a Restorative Yoga class but it was rare. It wasn’t until I became pregnant with my daughter and started taking Pre-Natal yoga and a low back injury 4 years ago that I fully embraced a more restorative approach to my practice.  I still enjoy a good hard core yoga class to be humbled and to humor myself.  I also LOVE a class that pampers the soul, restores and heals the body and mind. I like to mix it up, maintaining balance while keeping it fresh.

Today, I enjoy teaching classes that pamper the soul, slowing things down, and accommodating who matters most, YOU.  I incorporate aromatherapy, Reiki and guided meditations to restorative style Yin and Gentle classes.  I bring an element of fun into my classes and I encourage being humbled and taking time to really dive-in to see who you are without taking yourself to seriously, stress less, heal more.  Transformation is a DIY process, allow me to be your yoga muse.

Take one of my classes at Joyful Yoga or stay tuned to my upcoming events/classes coming in 2018. I look forward to practicing with you. Namaste!

Private Yoga $80/hr
Bulk sessions: 3hrs $210; 5hrs $320

New to yoga, consider a private session to learn the basics. You may have a specific project your working on such as strengthening, balance, flexibility, relaxation, stress relief and/or meditation, I can help you create a practice geared to your needs.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding + Yoga

SUP Boarding + Yoga outings to Canyon and Saguaro Lakes.  Take your yoga practice to the water on a paddle board. I’m a certified Stand Up Paddle Board Instructor (Class Level 1) endorsed with Yoga.

Private Individual $90 with SUP board rental
Private Group without SUP board rental $25/person
Private Group with SUP board rental
$55/person up to 10, $5 extra/person over 10.
Private Group Yoga $100/hr up to 10, $5 per person over 10.

Corporate settings, youth sports groups, bridal parties, birthday parties and retreats.